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Adventure Travel Equipment

Prepared For Adventure Travel

It’s always important to be prepared for any travel we embark on, and Adventure Travel requires more planning!

This list of equipment is my personal preference, and each person will have different choices!

Of course, the Travel Itinerary will determine the items you do need, and the items you can do without.

The other factor is the overall weight you will be carrying, especially if you are using a Rucksack or Day Pack! 

My rucksack when fully packed will weigh about 15kgs to 18kgs, based on the amount of food I will carry.

It will also increase if I decide to carry water at the beginning, or if I filter from a source en-route! It’s personal choice, but I always start with fresh water at the start of my trip.


Simply Hike

Camping and Hiking - The Basics

Clothing & Footwear

The choice of clothing really depends on the individual, but layering is key to comfortable travel!

It does’nt matter what form of travel you are partaking, everybody layers their clothing in some way. They just subconsciously do it without realising it!

But, it can be the difference of being comfortable, warm enough, and protected from the elements. Base Layer, Mid Layer, and Outer Layer are the three elements to keeping you prepared for any type of weather.

Do not forget the importance of a good pair of socks! 

Above are a list of the basic items I own and carry with me! Extremely durable and great value considering the use I have got from them! 

Bought mainly from Amazon due to convenience and free delivery with Amazon Business..


Hiking & River Crossing

Footwear is a very important factor when embarking on Adventure Travel

The terrain upon which you are walking  is going to determine what best footwear to use for that trek!

The importance is your feet are protected, because failure to protect your feet stops you in your tracks!

There are hundreds of different styles of shoes, boots, sandals, trail runners. It would be crazy to try to showcase all of them on this page.

I don’t always go for the most popular brands, or the most expensive!

I believe in value for money, therefore I always choose products that have lasted, and have served me well.  The only stipulation, they have to be waterproof!

Choose what best suits your requirements!

The Footwear I Own!

Follow the link for more details.

If there was any required proof on the value from a good British made product, look no further than my last pair of Brasher Hillmasters. These lasted me for over 15 years, and finally succum to a fitting end!

Hoping Berghaus can continue the legacy of Chris Brasher

Brasher Hillmasters Hiking Boots

Camping Equipment

My Tent

When I started to look for a new tent, I was so confused with the choices available.

Plus, could I justify spending hundreds of pounds on the most advanced tent on the market?

I examined all aspects of each brand of tent, their structure, waterproof capability, the size, etc!

Don’t get me wrong, I liked many of them out there on the marketing, well known brands, and some not so.

I opted to have my tent imported, and I upto now, I am very happy with my purchase.

I bought my tent from AliExpress, and received it within 10 days from the purchase date. 

It is based on the shape and design of the Eurohike Mongar2, and similar in size.

Rucksack & Day pack

Backpacking and Day Hiking

When it comes to carrying my equipment, whether it is a day hike or overnight wildcamp! I will always look for a versatile rucksack or day pack for my trips.

I have opted for the brand name Berghaus as my preferred choice. They are a trusted brand, and have been around since 1966, originating in the North East of England.

The two packs I have gone with are:

All the items I have listed above make my journey bearable and enjoyable!

Whether it’s going to be a couple of nights wild camping under the stars, or a long hike. Be prepared, and you are going to continue enjoying Adventure Travel wherever you are in the world. 

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