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Aricxi Peak 3 Tent

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Over the years I have seen the price of camping gear increase in cost! To the extent that many of the products out on the market are too much for the average camper.

Then I stumbled upon the Aricxi Peak 3 Tent from Aliexpress!

I understand if you are an avid adventurer and you embark on many camping trips or expeditions, kit is hugely important.

For the average person who goes camping a few times a year, and budget is an issue, then look further afield for your tent.

Without suffering on quality you can purchase a very good tent at the fraction of high end tents!  These come with exactly the same spec and design has similar brands.

Two Years ago I was on the market for a new tent. I looked initially at the MSR Hubba Hubba 2, because I like the design and the layout of the interior.

I was also looking for a 2 berth tent to enable me to have all the equipment I carry inside the tent. Especially knowing how unpredictable the UK weather can be this was a must!

Could I justify paying over £430 GBP (at the time of looking) for a tent. No, considering the budget I had at the time.

It was time to look at different options and find a tent similar to the MSR currently on the market.

It was then I thought about having a tent imported to the UK. I wasn’t in a desperate rush to have my tent delivered next day, so I turned to Aliexpress for ideas.

I came across the exact replicar of the Hubba Hubba, and this was the Aricxi Peak 3


Aricxi Peak 2 Tent

The Aricxi Peak 3 Tent was stylish in every sense of the word! All the design features are exactly the same as the MSR.

The other thing was, it was BLACK, and it looked great in the photos. Fluorescent strips along the porches and the zips. Each guy rope point had the same fluorescent strips, and all the guy ropes are fuorescent too!

In my opinion an excellent alternative tent, and worth the wait in delivery time!

The Aricxi Peak 3 Specifications

Aricxi Peak 3 Tent
Aricxi Peak 3 Tent - Welsh Mountains
  • Brand Name: AricXi
  • Fabric: nylon
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Building Type: Construction Based on Need
  • Structure: One Bedroom
  • Pole Material: Aluminum
  • Type: 2 – 3 Person Tent
  • Number of Users: 2/3
  • Style: Outdoor
  • Is customized: No
  • Model Number: Peak3
  • Outside Tent Waterproof Index: >5000 mm
  • Layers: Double
  • Season: Four-season Tent
  • Bottom Waterproof Index: >5000 mm
  • Weight: 2.2 kgs

For the many times I have used this tents, I have never had water or leak issues. It has stood the hardest tests in the Peak District & Snowdonia National Park!

For a budget priced tent the Aricxi Peak 3 is exceptional. 

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