Camino De Cruze, Panama City, Panama

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Sharing this amazing Eclipse Travel Services Blog & Photograph Diary from around the world gives me great joy! Come and enjoy this journey with us!

Eclipse Travel Services would like to share with you our amazing travel experiences, and take you on our journey´s with some amazing photographs.

With over 25 years travelling around the world, I have collated thousands of images to compliment Eclipse Travel Services Blog – Photograph Diary.

I originate from Manchester, England, and in 2003 I decided to move to Mexico to start work.

I have lived in Playa Del Carmen for 11 years and then moved to Panama City, Panama where I spent a further 5 years.

This was an easy transition because my work in the Travel & Tourism was an easy process.

I progressed then to Lima, Peru to be a freelance Tour Guide for a UK company – Peru Safari!

My photo dairy consists many of the most exciting places I have visited, and I have tried to highlight these in my Travel Blog Posts!

Eclipse Travel Services - Chichen Itza. Yucatan, Mexico Chichen Itza Pyramid, Yucatan, Mexico[/caption]
Eclipse Travel Services (62)
Quechua Indian Shepherdess – Inca Trail, Peru
Medellin City & Piedra del Peñol,Guatape, Colombia
Medellin & Guatape Town, Colombia

The photograph diary is not extensive, because there are literally thousands of photographs!

So, I have managed to share some of the most interesting ones for you! But do not worry, because new posts will be uploaded with more photo´s!


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I would like to increase our Eclipse Global Brand and give you professional service & advice.

We aim to provide Independent Travel Offers to expand your Adventure Travel & Vacation opportunities!

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I really appreciate your visit and taking the time to read about my adventures.

Thank you for your support!

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