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Merida-Yucatan Road Trip

A Diversion Visiting Merida!

On a recent quick trip to Merida, Yucatan Peninsula I took the decision to make a diversion!

From the normal route back to Playa Del Carmen, Quintana Roo, via the “Cuota Ruta” (Toll Road) towards the coast of Progreso. Mainly because I wanted to visit a place I had read about so many times. I had  never had the chance to visit this part of the Yucatan Peninsula, until now!

Progreso is also one of the shore stops for the many Caribbean Cruises available to Mexico and the Caribbean!



This route was absolutely picturesque in every way! To add to the journey I stopped off to visit one of the lesser Mayan Archaeological site call “Xcambo“.

As you can see, this journey was not boring or mundane!

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Commercially Merida was the first city in the state of Yucatan to start receiving tourists. Which was around the late 60s, and then the International airport at Cozumel was built not long after. The plans for Cancun where drawn up not long after, and the rapid construction & growth of the hotel zone soon took over.

Cancun is now one of the major tourist destination’s in the world. It is now one of the party capitals of the world, especially for Spring Breakers making their way to Cancun each year.

The most important thing is to realise is the true beauty of the Yucatan & the Peninsula. Plus, the hundreds of small villages that lie deep in the Mayan countryside. You will be in awe of many of the Mayan people you come across on your journey. Whom still choose to live a very basic self sufficient lifestyle, and maintain sustainability within their communities.

In the state of the Yucatan there is the very famous Mayan Ruin civilisation. These sites really does show how far advanced the race of Maya’s are, and so far advanced in today´s history. There are obviously many hundreds of Mayan sites built all over the Yucatan Peninsula. None so important for the Maya’s themselves then Chichen Itza.

If Fun & Adventure are part of your vacation excitement, Cancun & Riviera Maya provide it all.

The Yucatan provides visitors with a sense of adventure wherever they venture, and will always leave with great memories!


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