Panama Canal


Any visit to Panama would not be complete without viewing different places along the Panama Canal. For vehicles crossing the canal it can be serviced by one of the two bridges, the more famous being the Bridge of the Americas which is close proximity to Panama City.

The more newer bridge further up the canal travelling towards Colon is the Centennial Bridge (Puente Centenario).

My favourite time is when I can capture some of the canals traffic travelling through the canal and various locks between the Caribbean Coast & Pacific Coast.

With the completion of the widely expanded Miraflores locks, which allows wider ships to pass through. It really is an amazing fete of industrial workmanship to see these huge gates in action. Plus, the train operators working in tandem with the tug boat operators to steer the births through the narrowest of slipways between the locks

There is always a new a different opportunity to photograph along the canal, and I hope you enjoy just some of the pictures I have  managed to take.

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