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For over 45 Years I have always found myself in work, from delivering newspapers as a young kid, to working on a dairy farm during my school holidays. The urge to make some pocket money has always been a part of me.

Right up to this day I can boast that I have never been without employment for any long periods, and I have never had to sign for Social Security from where I have lived. It is not because of pride, but because I have always had the drive to find work. This has helped me through some bad periods in my life, and helped me to survive and move on!

Today I am trying to survive and overcome the despair of this whole COVID-19 Pandemic situation. Like many millions of other people worldwide I just want to get back to work and start living my life again.

Like lots of many families we all have our own issues to deal with, making sure we can pay our bills, making sure we can provide for our families, and hopefully keep the debts down to a minimum to prevent further hardship later along the road.

Yes I have credit cards that need paying, and thankfully the banks are freezing the minimum payments  for a short period, but they will eventually need to be paid, and the interest has not been frozen on the balance of those cards.

These credit cards are the lifeline for me to be able to perform my work, otherwise I would not be able to make the travel to my job when it is required. But they are also a burden now, because I am unable to go out to work and pay back the money I have borrowed. So the vicious circle continues!

All I want to do is get to work and start to pay my way in life, like I have done since I was a young Army Recruit back in 1980.

I am a very proud man, and I have never asked for anything from anyone unless I have earned it. But there comes a time when the inevitable happens and you have to turn for help.

I would walk 100 miles for anybody offering me a job with an honest salary right now, if that was possible. Travel restrictions are preventing this from happening, but it is not without thought that I would if I could.

I probably have about 1 more month financially to survive, and then after that I am unsure where I will be. I eat scarcely and I enjoy my staple diet of fried rice & eggs, plus my daily supply of coffee. Other than these things I do not eat much else!

So the point I wanted to make is, I am not living above my means and I am trying to spread out what little money I have left to help me last as long has possible. It is not easy, and you crave for some luxury food items, but you have to resist the temptation.

I can overcome the lockdown at home (well, not my home, I was in transit to Lima from the UK when the airports closed, I am now in Mexico hoping to get to Lima in the near future to start work again). I am trying to keep a positive mind above all that is happening in the world, just by writing Blog Posts or uploading Photographs. However it is hard to keep the focus away from the worry & despair!

I am a self-employed International Tour Guide, and the company who employed me are a small business from the UK. Their business has completely dried up because of the Travel & Tourism Industry coming to a complete stop. As well as my Guiding job, I try to make a little extra money by doing Affiliate Marketing via my hobbyist Travel Website & Blog.

This is also orientated to what I know best, and that is Travel & Tourism. Nobody is travelling, nobody are buying travel products, and the light at the end of this tunnel just got further away with the proposals put out by the UK Government recently about quarantine rules after travel.

You can read about many companies right now going through financial hardship, and some looking for government bailout from their countries to stay afloat. Others furloughing employees to help reduce their overheads.

I just wish I had that luxury and be able to ask for support from my government, but I am unable to do that because I chose to move from the UK over 17 years ago. So I am stuck between a rock and a hard place right now looking for any means to make money through hard work and good will.

Has I mentioned, I work hard and pay my way through life, I always have and I will always attempt to in the future. So if there are any companies out there close to where I am located in Mexico (or USA), or even UK, offering a hard working guy a honest job for a honest pay, I would walk the 100 miles, or fly to wherever they are!

It is embarrassing to be in this situation in the first place, but what can you do otherwise?

In the meantime, if any person would like to make a small donation to help financially, I would have to swallow my pride and accept your generosity!

You can find details about me on LinkedIn or my Facebook Page

Thank you for taking the time to read this post, and the only thing I can offer you in return is my Travel Blog & Photo Diary to browse while you are at home in lockdown too!


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