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Having reported from my previous post the importance of certain flight opening in June from Canada, USA, Mexico & a few European destinations. The question on the minds of many future travellers, how safe are the hotels & resorts going to be once the doors open again and they start taking reservations?

I have been following closely the developments here in Playa Del  Carmen, Riviera Maya & Cancun how the various hotels & resorts have been dealing with the closures. I have seen first hand many companies still performing maintenance to their resorts & properties in the region.

So even though the rooms have been closed to clients for the foreseeable future, all the resorts have been hard at work getting their properties ready for the influx of vacationers.

This means the cleanliness is going to be the number one concern, and paramount to ensuring trust among the clients once they start to arrive.

There has recently been an online seminar of over 200 Hotel & Resort Managers to address the measures and standards of Safety & Hygiene. This was reported by Conrad Bergwerf, President of the of the Association of Hotels Riviera Maya (AHRM).

With over 45ยด000 rooms listed in the Riviera Maya, and at this time remain closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, they are hoping to reopen by the beginning of June!

“On the day the hotels reopen their doors to tourism, customers will be much more sensitive to hygiene, cleaning and disinfection issues,and in general safety,” he said.

Other Executives speaking during the seminar gave their assurances of the standards to be implemented & maintained once hotels open their doors!

“Regional and domestic tourism is expected to be the first to start. Then, once nations’ travel restrictions are softened and destinations are considered safe, travel and international tourism will begin their recovery,” said Manuel Paredes, executive director of AHRM.

“POSI-Check will help ensure that staff are complying with the necessary measures to prevent the spread of infection,while assuring their guests that their well-being is the top priority,” said Cristal Standards CEO Stephen Tate.

All of them addressing the Cristal Standards for Safety & Hygiene, a recognized certification issued to all hotels & establishments to ensure their standards are kept to  the highest required. A new certification has been introduced;


The statement given regarding this new introduction read

It added that the POSI-Check Certification was presented as part of the training seminar to assist the hotel sector in infection propagation prevention (POSI).

It stated that it is designed to formulate and monitor an effective response to communicable infections in hotels and restaurants around the world, measures attached and recommended by global tourism and health groups, such as the World Health Organization (WHO).

He also said that the POSI-Check audit will guide hoteliers and restaurants to demonstrate that they are effectively managing infection prevention.

So to provide assurances to all Worldwide Travellers their concerns about health safety in resorts & hotels, stringent checks are in place, the measures are being implemented, and the trust to ensure guests can enjoy their vacations without fear or concern.

A very positive step which should be shared by all Travel Agency & Tour Operators!

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