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The Beginning of A New Adventure

Having recently completed 8 months living in Lima, Peru, and experiencing the culture and Peruvian life. I want to share with you my amazing journey!

I suppose my 11 years living in Mexico and 5 years in Panama provided already the taste of what to expect whilst embarking on life in Lima. The opportunity coming about from a chance conversation with very dear friends of mine living back in the UK.

I originally worked with Paul & Marisol Boardman in Playa Del Carmen, when they owned a local excursion company called Yucatan Explorer & F1 Offshore.

Plus a small Fishing Boat Charter for private fishing tours along the Riviera Maya coastline.

An exceptional time enjoying the Caribbean sunshine, and being the envy of many of my expat friends located in Cancun & Playa.


Riviera Maya Beach - Yucatan Explorer
Riviera Maya Beach – Yucatan Explorer


Reflecting On Past Adventures!

Most of my days where spent in luxury 5 Star Resorts, or out sailing on the Caribbean Ocean, enjoying the fun with our UK, Canadian & American clients. No matter which location, the fun and enjoyment spent in Mexico provides great memories.

Like most things, nothing lasts forever, and they decided to sell their business and embark on an amazing journey of their own.

Circumnavigating the coastline of the Pacific Ocean down through the Panama Canal, and back up the Caribbean Coast to Florida in their newly purchased catamaran. A journey many other people could only dream about, and a lot more be more envious of!

Eventually they ended up back in North West England, and really where this story starts for me again!

During a chance conversation on Facebook, Marisol heard that I had finished working in Panama after 5 years, and was taking time out from finding another job in Mexico.

When she explained that she was looking for a local guide to help with their company . Of course, after working with her & Paul in Mexico, I was very intrigued to know what their new company was all about.

Over the course of a few weeks I checked out their website, plus a brief of what they offer on their trips around Peru, I was sold on the idea of working with them once again.

It was time to put plans in motion and embark on another chapter of my life, and enjoy the chance to experience Peru again.

I had recently been to Peru with my daughter Ashley, where we experienced the delights of Rainbow Mountain & Machu Picchu.

Plus a great time spent enjoying the hospitality of the Inca capital, Cusco. Ten fabulous days, and I knew then I was going to return to the country at some point in my life!

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Making The Plans into Reality!

During a trip back to the UK to see my family, I called into the “head office” of Peru Safari, their home based office in Rainford, St Helens. The meeting was has if it was yesterday, and we caught up on old times over a nice home cooked meal by Marisol.

They both filled me in on their new venture, although it was new to me, it was already operating a couple of years! They didn´t need to sell the tour to me, in my own mind I was already decided to work with them again.

They explained what was required has a “tour guide”, and I already know how professional they work with tourists & clients, so this was nothing new to me. 

Fast forward to March 2019, and I am packing up all my belongings to be stored, here in Mexico where I was living. I boarded the plane at Cancun airport via Copa Airlines and was heading south to Lima.

A little apprehensive to say the least, because it was not long after I had moved from Panama to Mexico. However, I needed to be working again after a hiatus of 6 months from working in Panama. 

The Day To Start Work Has Arrived

I arrived in Lima and collected my 3 large suitcases, and found my Uber driver to take me to my apartment. This was in a beautiful part of Lima called Miraflores, and was nicely located to many of the shops & restaurants for convenience.

After a brief introduction to another member of the Peru Safari team, Chris, she showed me the vehicles, all the equipment we prepare for the trips, and explained a few of the things we do pre-tour!

I have to admit, the initial hour was information overload, and I am sure I am going to have a few more days like that until I am comfortable with how things operate. 

After a brief rest I thought I would take a walk down to the coast, to go and explore the city and the famous Larcomar Mall, which Paul & Marisol had advised me to go and visit.

Only a 10 minutes walk and I had arrived at the mall, which is built into the side of the hillside at Miraflores. Filled with all the usual Top Brand stores, and includes some amazing restaurants too.

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Already, I was liking Lima and the surrounding areas, but I knew I had work to do while I was here, so no time like the present to get stuck into preparations for the first tour of 2019.

Paul was due to fly out from the UK in a few days to meet up again, the it would be “all hands on deck” for the next 3 weeks.

The trucks had been standing for a few months from the last tour in December 2018, so it was important to give them a thorough check over.

Make sure the batteries, fluids, tyres where all OK, which apart from one lame battery we got all 4 vehicles started & running. 

A day before the tour starts we go down to the local supermarket, we stock up on all the provisions we need to see us through the next 2 weeks.

We carry a 80 Litre Refrigerator in the Lead Vehicle, which has all the fresh produce, milk, etc for our daily coffee stops & picnic lunches each day.

No expense spared, with fresh cooked meats, various cheeses, flavoured dips, and an abundance of salad produce (Every day we pick up fresh bread rolls for each daily stop). 

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We meet all our guests on arrival into Lima, make sure their suites are available in the Casa Andina Hotel, and give them some local tips to see them through the first night! 

The night before the tour embarks we are making our 8 UK guests welcome once more with a Pisco Sour in the hotel lobby bar, whilst we make our Safety Briefing!

Not too informal, but very important whilst driving in Peru! All the guests are very enthusiastic about the trip  ahead, so we introduce them to their vehicles for the next fortnight.

Seats & mirrors adjusted for the designated first driver, and we are all set for the pickup in the morning bright and early!

Next installment will be mine, and our guests, first experience on Peru Safari!

See you soon!

Inca Tacks Promo Offer - PERU SAFARI

Inca Tracks Promo Offer – PERU SAFARI

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