Medellin – Colombia




Medellin, Colombia´s second largest city, with a population of approximately 2´500 Million citizens! Plus, a very cosmopolitan city with great cultural areas to enjoy.

My first visit to Colombia was picking up a local in city flight from Panama Pacific for around $100 USD roundtrip. I flew into José María Córdova International Airport, Medellin, which only took around 50 minutes from take off to landing.

I was firstly impressed with how friendly the people where, considering the information I had read beforehand. Each person I had contact with where so polite (unsure if this would be the case in Bogota for instance).

Well, I had 10 days in the city, just sightseeing, and enjoying my free time away from the grind of the office!


A trip to Guatape was a must to see the giant granite rock – Piedra del Peñol, and Guatape Town filled with very colourful streets! The houses and properties all colourfully designed with amazing artwork. In the city of Medellin there are many Urban Parks to be able to visit whilst enjoying nature in a very cosmopolitan city! 



Piedra del Peñol

There is just something that draws me to want to revisit, oh now I know, the coffee!
Of course the people are great, and the women are beautiful.
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