Province of Chiriqui, Panama

Chiriqui – Panama.

Volcán in Chiriqui, Panama.


Probably one of the most picturesque regions of Panama is Volcán which is home to the Volcano “Barú”, and the highest point in Panama at 3´475 metres (11´460 feet).

The valleys & hillsides are carpeted with crops of every description. The bulk of the produce is grown & harvested in this region of Panama and transported to all parts of the country, including over the border to Costa Rica.

Among all the agriculture lies an abundance of fauna & flora adorning the “Rio Sereno” which snakes it´s way down towards the Costa Rica border.

I had pre-reserved a wonderful log cabin at Los Quetzales Ecolodge & Spa, which had their accommodation set in the valley which runs parallel with the Rio Chiriquí Viejo. To check out my road trip here, visit my post from Panama City to Chiriqui.


Whenever I needed a taxi, I just called and the “tractor cab” would arrive promptly!

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