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I am not alone when it comes to capturing animals in their natural habitat!

Wherever we are in the world, we always want to take photographs of wild animals, birds and insects.

At every opportunity I have taken my camera with me just incase I have the rare opportunity to capture something new in my lense. Especially when I am on an adventure trek in a particular country.    

Many of these photographs are from travels in Central & South America. Mostly taking in natural habitat, however a few shots taken in captivity! 

Party of Birds from around the World

Group of the animal & reptiles are photographed in the wild and in captivity!

Many of the Animal Photographs have been taken in Central & South America!

I find it fascinating to capture animals in the wild, especially during my long treks into the Panama Rainforest or during my work in Peru. Thank you for taking the time to view them, and please leave a comment or a Facebook Like to my page.


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