From Manchester to Mexico!

Taking the chance…..

Sometimes you just have to take a chance in life to find your next path towards happiness & fulfillment!

After leaving the UK Armed Services in 1984 I continued my career in transport & logistics working for a few companies, and expanded my experiences throughout the next 20 Years in this industry. Although I enjoyed most of the jobs I had during the time, I was always looking for something new, something more exciting!

Sea Route Ferry

Then, I decided to take a career change and move away from long distance truck driving & logistics management, and embark on the passion I had longed for during my childhood & army life, Travel & Tourism!

I had the opportunity to visit many amazing places whilst serving in the British Army, with memories I will carry forever, and everlasting friendships gained along the way. These memories where carried with me throughout the years, until I finally gave up logistics to look for a new career path.

On a whim I applied for an Overseas Representative job with a local travel company based in North West England close to my home town. After passing the first interview, I was sent on an induction course for a week. Unfortunately  not to a nice hot exotic location in Europe or the Caribbean, but rainy Oldham some 5 miles from my home.

Not to be dissuade by the choice of the training venue, I joined 25+ other hopefuls on winning one of the places available. We had all come from different working backgrounds, but we where all taking a chance on being successful at the end of the week.

Although I was always the “happy go lucky” type, I made sure throughout the week my smile remained fixed, and I was enthusiastic to the end, because I really was looking for an escape from the everyday working life in the UK.

Eventually the time had come to announce who had been successful, considering there where only a handful of places available. I believe from memory 3 places where Exotic Long Haul Holiday destinations. I wasn´t really thinking of where I would like to work at that time, I just wanted to be chosen.

When it came to my turn to enter the office to be told of my fate, sweaty palms, a hint of anxiety in my body language, the smile firmly fixed to my face (although hiding my real feelings). The usual signs whilst you are waiting for very important news to be given to you. Then the Training Manager gave me her appraisal.

Impressed with my results, and the camaraderie shown towards my fellow candidates. Plus, my rendition of “Three Steps to Heaven” acapella in one of the training modules won me some points along the way. The decision arrived and I was informed I had been successful in gaining one of the positions as an Overseas Representative. The sigh of relief I think said it all, just knowing how much I wanted this job.

Then the punch that knocked me sideways, was when I was asked, “how much time would you need to fly out to Cancun, Mexico?”. Well you can imagine the shock when I heard the question, and at that precise moment I needed to compose myself. I said how much time do you need reply from me……in 10 seconds I said immediately!

I had secured one of the coveted Long Haul destinations up for grabs!

When I left the room I was punching the air, jumping around like a demented kangaroo, I was ecstatic, and finally composed myself and went to make a very important phone call to my current boss. I had used a week´s holiday to attend the training program, and now I was giving my 1 week notice over the phone without hesitation.

To be fair once I had explained my new venture I was allowed to leave the company immediately to prepare my departure. That made the “end of training party” all that more enjoyable!

To cut a long story short, within 8 days I was flying to Cancun, Mexico, with everything I owned packed in 3 large suitcases to start what was to be a new beginning in my life. That was over 15 years ago, and I have never looked back.


The moral of this story is, you are never too old (40 to be precise) to follow your dreams, and never be afraid to “take a chance” with your life. You will never know the outcome until you have given it your best shot.

Since I have been in Mexico I have had the pleasure of meeting some amazing people, and visited many fantastic places & countries over the years. Never for once taken it for granted the opportunity I had been given.

I will share some of them experiences in my next chapter!

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