Micklegate, York City, England

The Grand Old Duke of York

A few years ago i came back to England to have a holiday, and catch up with family and friends.
One of the places I had always wanted to show them was the City of York. Especially the city wall and York Minster. Plus, the National Railway Museum! 

The English Countryside in Photographs

As far back as I can research, my family worked on the railroads. Some as train drivers, others at the stations and workshops near or close to York.

York Minster

It was a sort of pilgrimage for me, to show my wife and daughetr where my maternal great grandparents were born and raised.
The Historical City of York is an UNESCO World Heritage Site that boasts unique cultural and architectural remains. It has been the site of numerous battles and was once controlled by the Saxons, Normans, and Romans.

The medieval walls of the city were reinforced by the ruins of the cathedral and bishop’s palace. As a result, the medieval walls of York remain intact, although many of the buildings have been damaged over time.
The Historical City of York includes many fascinating sights and buildings. Located in north-eastern England, it’s an important regional centre for the British. Its Minster has 275 steps and offers a spectacular view of the city.

A visit to the Museum of the Northumbria region will reveal the medieval history of the city. Its church is the only surviving Roman building in the city. Its Gothic architecture reflects the ancient and medieval history of the English capital.

York Private Walk

The Castle Museum is one of York’s main attractions, featuring a 1,200-year-old Anglo-Saxon helmet, the Coppergate Helmet.
The museum also showcases many other exhibits, including Victorian and Edwardian furniture, antiques, and even some antiques. In addition to these, the museum is also home to a number of other artifacts.

Besides this, it’s also a great place to visit if you want to learn more about the history of the city.
It is certainly a place I need to revisit, and delve more into the history of my ancesters!

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