Travel Confidence

Travel Confidence

There is no doubt that traveler have lost all confidence in making plans for vacations, planning flights when the airlines open their routes again, and making any forward planning towards any future travel.

It is understandable considering the current situation with Coronavirus, however, it must be understood that ALL Travel & Tourism companies are making contingency to welcome visitors once again. Hotels & Resorts are working tirelessly to ensure customers are safe in their environments, and can enjoy their vacation without worry!

So why is nobody taking up the offers from all the Travel Companies Worldwide to boost confidence? Why are people so afraid to commit to book their next summer vacation, knowing that the Travel Industry are laying down guarantees to ensure the travelers safety.

I want to share with you my itinerary of travel prior to being forced into lockdown in my current location of Playa Del Carmen, Mexico.

In December I flew from Manchester, England to Stuttgart, Germany! I overnighted in a nearby hotel to the airport awaiting the arrival of my young daughter flying unaccompanied from Cancun, Mexico. The following day we met up and waited in the crowded airport to catch our connection back to Manchester.

After my daughters extended vacation in Manchester over Xmas & New Year, we made the return journey to Stuttgart to enable her to get the flight back to Cancun. I caught the next available flight back to the UK.

Both times the aircrafts were completely full, the terminals where very busy. We both never wore masks or had concerns about the virus, although there where a few people with masks at the time!

In February I made a car journey down to Gatwick airport from Manchester, I stopped a couple of times at the motorway services for food & coffee. At Gatwick the following morning I boarded a plane to Cancun to meet up again with my daughter and spend a week in Playa Del Carmen.

From Playa Del Carmen I boarded a plane from Cancun to Orlando, Florida to follow up on some work venture, and I spent 2 weeks in Orlando.

Never once over this time have I wore a mask, had concerns about my health, either at the airports or on the fully seated planes I flew on!

From Orlando I flew back to Cancun for another week with my daughter before boarding a plane back to Gatwick, London. The aircraft is full to capacity, and only a few people wearing face masks.

In March I made plans to start my work in Peru, at this time the airports are still fully open and no restrictions in place. I was due to stay 4 weeks in Panama, because I have residency , and I required to sort personal requirements whilst I was there!

I flew from Manchester, England to Panama, via a changeover in Schiphol Airport!

I was never temperature checked from leaving Manchester, or at Amsterdam. Only when I arrived into Panama was there a temperature check done when I had disembarked the aircraft. During my time in Panama I learned the airport at Lima had closed all flights arriving into Peru!

I now knew I had no work to go to, because no flights would be leaving the UK where most of our clients travel from. Plus, I needed to make contingency plans to get to a place I could stay until I could find a flight to Manchester, England.

I managed to get the last flight out of Panama before the shutdown of their airport, and that was back to Cancun!

So this is where I find myself again, back in Cancun with my daughter, which thankfully is the silver lining to this whole saga.

All Inclusive Vacation at Palace Resorts.

To put a final emphasis on the whole of this post, I never once wore a mask, had concerns of my health whilst being in different airport environments, seated in full capacity aircraft with passengers that had no Coronavirus screening of any sort (except Panama).

Was I really lucky to have travelled between 6 different countries from December to March and never be subjected to any person that might have been carrying the virus? I will leave that question upto the reader!

I am very happy to provide my full travel itinerary as proof of my travel. You can also view photos from my Facebook page at Eclipse Travel.

Have I lost the appetite to travel right now considering the worldwide situation because of COVID-19? Do I still have the confidence the airports around the world are ensuring my safety if I use their facilities? Am I worried that the hotel I have booked for my next trip is thoroughly cleaned & sterile?

I have every confidence that the Travel & Tourism Industries are doing their absolute upmost that I am going to be safe. Their reputations rely on everything I have just emphasised to safeguard all future travel. I have finally secured a flight back to the UK via TUI UK. I am very unfortunate I have to try and find a job once I arrive back in Manchester, England.

For a more comprehensive up to date information from TUI please check out the link:

(Since writing this post I have had my flight cancelled by TUI UK, which was scheduled to depart Cancun on the 13th June 2020. I have also had another flight cancelled with my new booking which was scheduled to leave Cancun on 1st July 2020! I am currently stuck in Mexico without any financial means. The nightmare just gets longer & longer.)

This is just my story, but I am sure there are many more people who have similar stories, all without concerns or symptoms from directly being affected by Coronavirus (COVID-19).

My advice is get your confidence back and start to take advantage of all the offers currently available out there in the market. There are so many companies offering amazing deals to win back travel confidence, and it just needs some positive thoughts to get your country back to normal, and give yourself a well earned vacation after your own lockdown woes!

You may even help save my job and help me travel back to Peru to start my work again!

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