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I enjoy Adventure Travel because it puts me in touch with nature!

Every country I have visited I have always taken the opportunity to get out and complete a trek or trail. Hoping to come across the local habitants of that particular region.

I am talking about animals & birds, although I do try to interact with the locals too. I have always been fascinated with the breed of birds, or the specific animals of a country I am visiting.

I have been very fortunate to come across many different species during my travels. Capturing them in photographs is the “memory trigger” I use to remember the adventure travel and my experiences.

Many of the photographs I have shot are taken in the natural habitat. A few more rare or endangered species have been taken in captivity. These are being cared for by respectful preservation groups & charities.

I have always been especially fascinated with raptors or birds of prey. Owls, Vultures and Hawks (which include falcons, eagles, hawks, kites, harriers and ospreys). It doesn’t matter the type to me, I will always try and photograph them wherever I am.

I have put together a collection of photographs taken in Central & South America, including some I have taken here in the UK. I hope you enjoy viewing them just has much as I enjoyed capturing each photograph.




My Adventure Travel has been put on hold for the moment, but once travel restrictions are back to normal, I will be embarking on my global travel once again.

Thank you for visiting.

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