A Wing Clipped Bird

Travel Dilemma!

It’s been quite a while since I have written a post, because the frustrations of being restricted from travelling is still eating at me from within.

The more I read about what, where, and when you can travel, or the restrictions put on the population really makes my blood boil. Some justified, but the majority of it unjustified, just so countries look like they are making their own efforts to reduce this pandemic.

Now, I am a firm believer that a person should have the choice to decide if they have the vaccine or not. The freedom to choose what chemicals enter their bodies, and for their own immune systems to counter any threats of contracting Covid-19.

For the majority of the world’s population, I do not have any comment on their decisions to have the virus injections. It is their choice, which was given to them when the vaccines where introduced.

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Guatape, Colombia

Being a British citizen, I have seen huge changes here in the UK since the outbreak of covid. Where millions of lives have been affected, and none more so than the Travel & Tourism industries.

All the liberties to take advantage of what the world had to offer, had been evaporated in an instance. Once the pandemic took hold, travel would change for ever, and the freedoms disappeared instantly. This also goes for the other countries I have lived and worked. Many of my friends affected too!

Over 18 years I have travelled in the course of my work, meeting lots of amazing people along the way. I have been looking back through the many hundreds of photographs of my adventures. Remembering in detail the experiences I had of the particular occasion in the shot.

It doesn’t get any easier after a year, feeling like a “wing clipped bird”, being away from family & friends!

My travel dilemma is eating away at me, because I refuse to take the vaccine. Knowing my own body, and not having the necessity to visit a doctor or hospital in over 20+ years, tells me my immune system is working just fine.

I have tested regularly when required, and had no concerns or negative results to prevent me from carrying on with my normal way of life.

The only issues that is affecting me, is to my mental state, and the restrictions this country is putting on people wishing to travel. In my view, a lot of rules are just political, and made based on the economy to the UK.

Ten nights quarantine in a hotel, at the discretion of the government, because they have travelled from a “red zone” country. Absolute hypocrisy.

No choice to quarantine at home, but face a possible fine of £10’000 GBP or prison if you refuse to adhere to being “prisonned” in a hotel at your own expense. Yet, you have been enclosed on an aeroplane for many hours with hundreds of other passengers, in close proximity.

Ok, they may have been vaccinated, and therefore they are at lower risk than the ones that have not. One way or another, it there was an outbreak or positive result, likelyhood, vaccinated or unvaccinated will catch it anyway. Once this “sh*tshow” is over, I am leaving the UK and not returning.

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This post was meant to be a reflection of the many wonderful experiences I have enjoyed over the last two decades. So, I will share some photographs of the amazing times, including a few of my family in Mexico.

I will see you all when my head stops spinning faster than the world is rotating!

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