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The Heart of Mayan Spirit

Local Mayan Culture can be observed all over the Yucatan Peninsula, and the Mayan Communities are very close knit & very protective of their communities. Families can extend many generations within areas of the Riviera Maya, the Yucatan Peninsula, and surrounding states. They are very proud of their cultural history, and try to remain unaffected by the changes happening around the world.

Coba Mayan Village

They are never considered materialistic people, although they are living in a forever changing world, Maya’s are happy to remain firmly rooted to their heritage and culture. Villages from all over the Yucatan Peninsula, Chiapas, Guatemala, Belize, firmly rely on their beliefs passed on through generations.

Many crafts are still observed within some of the villages, and Mayan Artesania or Souvenirs originate from local villagers. Hammocks are still widely handmade, and obviously used as an everyday item within their homes. Some homes housing up to 8 to 10 family members.


Woodworking and carving is a craft passed on from childhood through the male members of the family, and is again shown in the construction of Mayan homes. The making and firing of pottery can be observed in a few of the villages in Campeche, Tabasco, and Quintana Roo.

Of course growing crops and harvesting is an everyday part of Mayan life, and also a source of fresh produce is important to the health of Maya. Honey is produced within many regions, and still used as trade for other basic essentials. However, Western influences have crept into some of the Mayan society, which sometimes needs the help of education to find a balance between societies.


Community Maya are a very proud of their history, and although they are very resilient, sometimes they need assistance from outside sources. Communities do suffer frequently from natural disasters including flooding, tropical storms, hurricanes, and landslides in mountainous regions. Unfortunately these communities do not have the infrastructure in place to handle any kind of disaster of magnitude, and that extends to all the states of Mexico, Guatemala and Belize.

Yucatan Peninsula – June 2020

Tourism plays a huge part in sustaining the Mayan heritage, and Coba Mayan Traditions is proof of how they are helping the communities around Coba to open up their homes, and educate the thousands of tourists that visit the Riviera Maya each year. In doing so, local economy is increased to assist in better facilities, schools, and businesses around the site.

Local Excursions from Cancun, Riviera Maya & Playa Del Carmen:

All these sites are operated by local Mayan Communities and their inhabitants!

With assistance from tours like this, the community spirit is remained firmly rooted within the villages surrounding Mayan Archaeological sites like Coba, Ek Balam, Chichen Itza etc.

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