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Mexico Tourism Boost


Mexico Tourism Boost

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This information was first published in February 2019 with a view to increasing the popularity of Mexico, and to boost Travel & Tourism in key areas, Tijuana; Los Cabos; Puerto Vallarta (including Riviera Nayarit); Cancun & Riviera Maya, and Mexico City.

It was outlined that their strategic aim was to introduce 5 projects to reduce inequality within these regions, and further increase the volumes of tourists from different worldwide countries that vacation in Mexico.


For instance 26.5% of inhabitants are living in poverty, 16.9% have no access to health services,  45.6% have no benefits at work, and 13.3% lack adequate education.

In total over 10 million jobs are created in Mexico through the Travel & Tourism Industry, with 4 Million direct jobs and 6 Million indirect jobs!

What 5 projects are going to benefit world & domestic tourism in Mexico?

1. The first, is the Mayan Train,which will tour 190 tourist destinations in the southeast of the country and that will boost the spill in archaeological areas, beaches, magical villages and heritage cities. This will stretch from Chetumal to Cancun, serving locations like Bacalar, Puerto Maya & Mahahual, Sian Kaan, Tulum, Akumal and into the Riviera Maya & Cancun.

2. The second strategy is called ‘Strengthen Destinations’. In this sense, it seeks to balance the tourist activity that is concentrated in five regions: Tijuana; Los Cabos; Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit; Cancun-Riviera Maya and Mexico City.

It is an aim to decentralize tourism work on the creation of anchor attractions in various cities such as the Armando Manzanero Museum in Merida, new routes of Turibús, the Dolores del Río Museum in Durango and the creation of ‘China Town‘ in Mexicali, of which the first stone was already laid, among others. These creations go hand in hand with the 3rd strategy.

3. The third strategy is the Strengthening of the Internal Market. Two programs will be created for this: the first will be called ‘Enjoy Mexico’ and its goal is to end the seasonality of tourism in low seasons through low-cost packages in non-holiday seasons.

The second program is called ‘Smiles for Mexico’ and will promote tourism as a universal right for people with limited resources to travel for free in the country.

4. The fourth strategy is Diversification. It proposes two specific programmes: ‘Operation Toca Puertas‘, which seeks to diversify markets and position Mexico as a reference destination in the face of niches of high purchasing power such as the United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates.

The second program of this strategy is called ‘Reunion With my Roots‘ and will seek to increase the spending and travel of the Mexican-American population. It is estimated that 67.6 percent of the country’s tourists come from the United States and Canada.

5. And the fifth element of the tourism projects is Multi-Sectoral Linking. Currently tourism presents an asymmetrical development in terms of its potential. The restoration of Urban & Rural Tourist Areas requiring modernization and rescue is planned. which has already seen huge differences in Cancun & Riviera Maya over the last year.

This news can only provide a more positive outcome for all tourists that visit Mexico (Cancun & Riviera Maya specifically for many), and encourage new travelers to the regions.

Training and professionalization programmes  are in progress for tourist service personnel which will ensure that there are high quality standards with the help of private initiatives, so that the service to the tourist is always the highest.

It has been a long time coming considering I have spent over 15 years living the Riviera Maya, although I consider England, United Kingdom my home. The hard work is paying off in the cities of Cancun & Playa Del Carmen, with a huge influx of foreign buyers looking for vacation holiday homes or retirement properties.

This has been further increased with the strength of the USD & GBP against the Mexican Peso, especially on purchases secured in either of the two currencies. Real Estate is a huge industry now, which can only mean that prices for room & accommodation rentals can remain reasonable.

It is high time the economy of Mexico got stronger, especially after the Coronavirus Pandemic eases, and travelers get back to enjoying their Mexican Vacation just like times past!

There are already huge discounts on Vacation Packages & Resorts, so there is no time like the present to grab yourself a holiday bargain.

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