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Cusco In My Dreams

Cusco In My Dreams


I have just woken very early suffering with a little insomnia due to the Coronavirus lockdown and felt compelled to write this post. You see, I was dreaming about being in the amazing city of Cusco, because this is where I would have been with my work for Peru Safari!

I have written only a little about the Inca capital, but I wanted to share more. It would be a shame not to enlighten all my readers on one of the friendliest cities for me personally. It is fresh in my memory, just like the dream, and just like the first day I visited.

I first came to Cusco with my young daughter Ashley back in September 2017, when she was just 10 years old. We spent 10 days in total at a wonderful hotel overlooking the city. 

I believe at the time it had only just opened and Expedia where offering an amazing package deal from Cancun, Mexico where my daughter currently lives.

Hilton Gardens Inn, Cusco

The hotel was the Hilton Garden Inn, with fantastic views looking over the city of Cusco!

The first thing that struck me when we arrived into Cusco Airport was just how polite & friendly the people where. Which, if you have travelled through many airports the security & border controls can be a little too abrupt. 

This was never the case has soon as we entered the terminal from disembarking from the aircraft.

The first observation for me was an eye opener, and it did not end there! We were greeted by our staff who provided the Ground Transportation to our hotel, including the politeness of the (“maletero”) porter. Everything was provided with precision and the service was faultless!

Traveling with a young daughter soon put her at ease being in a different country, and for the next 10 days we enjoyed amazing hospitality throughout our entire trip.

Of course, I could fill this post with hundreds of photographs of Cusco, and I still would not do this city any justice, or the people. However, I want to share many of the most important ones to show you just how much this city could give you so much joy if ever you visit.

The people of Cusco really know how to showcase the importance of travel & tourism into their country, and the capital of the Incas!

Beyond the city there is poverty, and that can be observed when travelling towards the centre and Plaza de Armas. But that can be observed in many countries around the world, and everybody are just trying to survive the best way they can. It is very hard not to feel for all the people you see, and it would be impossible to help all the people you encounter.

The one thing the local government have controlled within the centre of the city, and that is openly begging. It was never observed by myself in the many times I have visited, and I think the local police have a directive to ensure the tourists that visit Cusco do not feel harassed.

That makes the experience of coming to Peru, and Cusco specific all so amazing, and encourages travellers to revisit often.

Trade is in their blood!

There are many “local entrepreneurs” selling whatever souvenir or trinket they can, and that is understandable. They know a simple “no” is suffice if you are not interested, and they spend their whole week trying to make a couple of Peruvian Soles to survive. 

You have to give credit to the Peruvian people, they seriously work hard to provide a living for their families.

Plaza de Armas is the central point of Cusco, with the two cathedrals protecting each side of the main square. Being a very religious nation, the Peruvians have a church almost on every corner near to the main square in Cusco, and they are full to capacity during each services & special occasion.

Cusco Trip in Photos!

We have been privileged to witness a few of the parades both with my daughter, and with my colleagues from Peru Safari.

Everything is perfectly planned throughout these occasions, and it is very hard not to get wrapped up in the atmosphere, especially considering I do not follow any form of religion! I am still very humbled by the people who express their religion, and I am thankful for the spectacle they have provided just by following their faith.

A hive of activity can be observed at the local market close to the railway station that takes the tourists to Machu Picchu, San Pedro market is a hustle of locals selling everything imaginable, and it is where the local inhabitants will do their shopping for local produce, meats, and  provisions.

Among the most well known tourist visit to Machu Picchu, there are many other trips you can take from Cusco. I used Viator to book my trips, and they utilize the many local guides to give you the best experience.

Peruvian Women in Cusco

I particularly enjoy spending a couple of hours just walking around the market, enjoy some local fruit, or sit and drink a natural juice while watching the people bargain & barter for whatever purchases. This where you really get to feel at home among the people of Cusco.

That said there are still other markets around the city, and they all have the same vibe when you enter them. I sincerely hope this wonderful city opens again very soon, and we can start to enjoy travelling again!

I take great pride in observing the cultures of all countries I visit; Cusco and their local inhabitants have provided living memories that I will hold dearly throughout my life.

I am blessed to have been able to visit this amazing city over half a dozen times since our first visit back in 2017, and can be assured there will be many opportunities to return in the future once this Coronavirus Pandemic has eased in the world.

The people of Peru deserve it, more importantly the people of Cusco deserve to get back to work providing their exceptional hospitality which they are very proud of.

Thank you for reading this long post, and I wish I could have shared all the photographs of my time in Cusco & Peru, but you will find many other photographs & memories on the various posts I have written.

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Thank you again Cusco, and until we meet again, I wish you good health & prosperity!

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