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Kinder Scout - High Peak Derbyshire

It’s always a pleasure to get away from work, and explore the beauty of the English Countryside!

With so many scenic areas to visit, the hardest choice is where to go?

I decided the Peak District in Derbyshire was going to be my choice of trip this time.

Kinder Scout, Peak District - Waterfall

I had already decided that I was going to do some wild camping this time. So I packed my rucksack with all the essentials, and enough food for 2 nights!

Being keen on photography, I also decided to bring along my SLR Camera & small tripod. I knew it would be a little windy at the top of the peaks, so the tripod was essential.

I boarded the train at Sandbach, Cheshire, and made the journey across to Edale for the start of my trip. Many people like myself where taking advantage of the fine weather, has the train was quite busy with hikers & ramblers.

Once I arrived at Edale Station, I grabbed a coffee at The Penny Pot Cafe before I set off on my hike to the summit!


The Climb to the Summit

As always at the start of any hike, the energy levels are high! It’s easy to go off at a quick pace and burn too much energy from the off.

I took it nice and slow, and made sure I was going to sustain the climb, and the trek to Kinder Scout.

It’s an arduous climb up through the crag from Edale Village. Following the path of the cascading stream, with many crossings weaving a trail.

The rucksack at this point is feeling more heavier than I started. Not to be detered, a slow steady pace was going to get me to the summit!

Many day hikers passed me on the trail, and some fell runners too!

Eventually I made it to the top, and the short rest was much needed.

Taking advantage of the views and the clear skies, the photographs are breathtaking.


Simply Hike
Mam Tor Derbyshire View
View of Mam Tor, Derbyshire into Edale Valley.

The Jurrasic Peak

After a brief stop for photographs, and a chance to catch my breath. It was time to make my way across the platau onwards towards Woolpacks and Kinder Low.

The rock formations formed by the ever changing weather conditions are truly spectacular. Giving the whole area a Jurrasic scene across the baron land.

I don’t think any photograph will do it justice, unless you visit yourself!


After another opportunity to take some memorable photographs, it was time to head on with the rest of the trek!

Passing many hikers along the trail, you get a complex when they stare at you with a large rucksack on your back. Maybe there are not as many wild campers than I had imagined?

I just know it was the right decision to make the journey, and tick it off my list of Outdoor Camping trips to do!

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