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It’s been 13 months since I arrived back in the UK from working & living in the Caribbean and South America.

Whilst finding a new job was my absolute priority, there needed to be some “down time” to recharge the batteries. My employment has the ideal opportunity be able to take advantage of 4 full days off at the end of each working week!

This gives me the opportunity to embark on my favourite pastime, Trail Walking!

If you read some of my past blog posts, you will realise that I have been fortunate to explore many of the countries I have visited or lived over the past 18 years. There are walking trails in all countries, you just have to research and find where they are!

Of course you have to be aware of the postives and negatives of hiking off the beaten track, and be careful of the dangers. Each country has it’s own dangers, especially when it comes to wild animals. You just have to be aware of your surroundings, and heed the warnings.

I did a couple of walking trails in Florida, USA in 2019, just to enjoy the hot weather, and explore some of the great wildlife in and around the area. one of those was the Buck Lake Trail Head east of Orlando.

I knew I had to be aware of wild animals, especially bears and alligators, but the trail was well defined with markers.

The other walking trail I did northwest of Orlando at Sunnyhill Restoration Trailhead. This is where my very first Bobcat sighting took place. Unfortunately, I wasn’t quick enought o get the camera ready for the shot. I did however catch some video footage of one of the largest alligators I have seen.

Thankfully separated by the long river dividing the road from the mangro swamps!

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I never lose the appetite to explore any region or area of the country I am visiting. Plus, I am never without a camera to capture the moment!

You can view just some of the many photographs I have taken from the wlaking trails I have done. Just follow the links below for each of them. Of course this is still a “work in process”, so new photos will be uploaded.

I have included some of the places I have also had the opportunity to visit over the years. Places I have called home for over 20 years.

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Medellin & Guatape, Colombia
Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico
Panama Canal, Panama
Chirique Region, Panama
Machu Picchu, Peru
England, UK

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