Cusco, Peru

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Cultural Teaching for Adventure Travel

Growing up as a kid I was always taught to treat people the way you would like to be treated. This has stayed with me throughout my life, no matter the circumstances.

This was passed onto my daughter from me, and she has grown to respect every person she meets. She is very mild mannered and humbled around other people. Especially people less fortunate than her.

This resonates with me, especially on travels we have done together, or on my own trips.

Cusco, Peru

We observe different cultures, especially coming from a very touristic place like the Riviera Maya, Mexico. Our paths cross from all different cultures, and we enjoy the interactions with those people.


A Trip to Peru

I was fortunate to take my daughter to Peru to visit Machu Picchu and Cusco. It was a dream trip for both of us, and for ten days we enjoyed the culture of Peru.

We of course visited the site of Machu Picchu, and even a trip to Rainbow Mountains. Two very long separate trips, but well worth the long days to visit these amazing places.

During our time in the city of Cusco we had amazing experiences of the real culture. Enjoying time with the local people, and seeing how very passionate they are about their culture.

We observed a couple of parades within the city, and how very well organized they were. Being a religious country, all the parades are associated with the church or religion. This is why there is a large monument of Christ overlooking the city of Cusco.

It goes without saying why I took the opportunity to work in Peru when the offer came. I fell in love with the whole country, and enjoy the friendliness of the people.

Given the chance I would like to work there again in the future. I made some amazing friends, whom made me very welcome every time I was there.

I suppose in some ways I can say this about Mexico too, having lived there for over 12 years. Married to a beautiful woman, and together we have an amazing daughter.

We both enjoy the history and the culture from different countries. This has been instilled into our daughter to enjoy the places we visit. Always be humble to the way other people live, and be respectful, we are only visitors.

Cultural Teaching for Adventure Travel

Eclipse Adventure Travel - York, England

I am desperate to continue our life’s journeys for many years to come. Trying every day to fulfill our travel experiences, and give my daughter the education she needs to succeed.

This pandemic has been tragic for me and my family, having to leave them to return to England to find work. Fortunate I was able to do that, but still apart after 2 years due to the circumstances of supporting my family.

Thank you for your visit, and taking the time to read my posts. I hope this will inspire you to do your own Adventure Travel. I provide affiliate links on my pages and posts to help support my websites. It costs you nothing to take inspiration from any of the companies I advertise.


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