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My Adventure Travel – I have been reviewing a few of my photographs from the many trips I have taken in the last few years. Remembering all the good Travel Adventures I have been lucky to embark on! 

From living in Mexico for over 11 years, to working in Panama, and my final job in Peru before the pandemic. 

There are many memories I could share; I would probably still be writing them months after this post. I just wanted to share a few Travel Adventures and photographs from the amazing experiences. 

I suppose I should start in Mexico which is still my “true home” away from the UK. Many amazing trips with my wife & daughter across many states of Mexico.  

Mexican history & culture has always been at the heart of our travel, visiting many of the Mayan sites. The road trips have also provided us with great memories, something we will enjoy doing again soon! 

Mexico has an abundance of many cultures, and each state we have visited has been very welcoming. It’s very easy to lose yourself in their way of life when you spend more time among the locals. 

The country is so vast it would take a lifetime to visit all the states, but I have provided a few photographs of the country. 


Panama was a big turning point for me when I was offered a position in Panama City for Sirenis Resorts.  

This would turn out to be an amazing 5 years, and also another Travel Adventure experience not to forget. 

I have always been fascinated with the tropical rain forests of Central & South America. Panama did not disappoint in any way, and exploring the country was just the ticket for me. 

Panama City has its own fascination for many people, especially the Panama Canal. An amazing feat of engineering, and still being expanded and developed in many places.  

But mixing the old with the new in the city shows just how much the Panamanians have preserved a lot of their history. 

The outskirts of Panama City provide a lot of places to enjoy Adventure Trails into the rain forest. Hopefully catching a glimpse of the many wild animals in their natural habitat. 

I have been very lucky to capture many of the fauna whilst out hiking, some of the photographs I have provided. 


After my time in Panama, I was offered a job in Peru by very dear friends. We initially worked together in Mexico when I was employed for their Adventure Boat Tour. It was a no brainer to accept the job, and in my eyes a dream job too! 

I was to become a Tour Guide for their new Overland Adventure Tour. Driving to some of the greatest places in the Andes and experiencing different cultures of the Peruvian people. 


Being able to do Adventure Travel in the course of your job was amazing. If only for the pandemic and the decimation of tourism in Peru, I would still be working there now. 

It doesn’t detract from the many great memories, and the clients I had the pleasure to meet. I am still hopeful of a return to Peru in the future, I still have some un-fulfilled trips to do! 

Eclipse Adventure Travel

Thank you for taking the time to read my post, and hopefully it inspires you to do some Adventure Travel of your own. 

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