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Eclipse Travel Services came about whilst working in Mexico!

I have worked in Travel & Tourism for over 17 years, and been able to travel to some amazing countries during that time.

Hopefully you find my posts interesting and inspiring? 

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“I suppose from an early age I have known I want to travel, and for over 45 years I have been doing just that. While my blood still flows, I will continue to enjoy the adventure & exploration which the world has offered to me!”

Below are links to some of my favourite photographs taken over the many years living and working in Mexico, Central & South America.

I would like to share just a few of the many hundreds of pictures I have taken over the last 18 years, many taken during my adventures into amazing places.

I am not a professional photographer, just an avid amateur, but I do try to capture the best scene at the time!

This is not a comprehensive list of photographs, so please check back regular for new updates. To see the full size copy, right click and open in a new tab or window

Please scroll each segment for all the photos

Thank you for taking the time.

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Tom Wilkinson - Adventure Travel

Blog Posts

Micklegate, York City

The Grand Old Duke of York

A few years ago i came back to England to have a holiday, and catch up with family and friends.One

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Eclipse Travel Services - Adventure Travel

The World Through Adventure Travel

Discovering the World Adventure Travel is a special type of tourism that involves some level of physical exertion or risk.It

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Eclipse Travel Blog - High Peak

Misty On The Moors!

Kinder Scout – High Peak Derbyshire It’s always a pleasure to get away from work, and explore the beauty of

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Walking Trails

Walking Trails are there to be explored! It’s been 13 months since I arrived back in the UK from working

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Red List International Travel

UK Red List to be reduced to zero. Well, the Transport Secretary of the United Kingdom has finally seen sense

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Iguana - Colombia

Adventure Travel

Animals, Birds of Central & South America   I enjoy Adventure Travel because it puts me in touch with nature!

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